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Relationship Challenges

Many people struggle in close relationships with their partners, friends, and family members. Maybe you are struggling to figure out why this keeps happening, or tired of repeating the same patterns again and again because willpower alone doesn't seem to change them. It is not uncommon to feel "crazy", "broken", or "disconnected", specifically in the context of relationships -- even when you feel like you're doing pretty well in other aspects of your life. You are not alone -- these are some of the most common reasons that people come to counselling! My approach is heavily informed by attachment theory, which has helped me to help many people who want their relationships to feel different.  

Humans are social beings, and we all need other people. Moreover, we need to feel safe in our relationships with other people -- not lonely, overburdened, or triggered. Whether you would like to be able to have a satisfying and secure romantic relationship, more meaningful and sustaining friendships, or just be able to go home to visit your parents without feeling triggered and exhausted all the time, therapy can make a difference. 

I have worked with individuals, couples, and families. Your partner or family member does not necessarily need to come to therapy for your experience of the relationship to change, though sometimes it can be important or helpful. Please contact me to talk about how I might be able to support you in getting more of what you want in your relationships. 

sarah irons counsellor
sarah irons counsellor