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What is somatic psychotherapy?

Somatic psychotherapy is sometimes also called "body-oriented" psychotherapy. Traditionally, psychotherapy has ignored the body, focusing instead on trying to understand what is happening in the client's head. Somatic therapists, however, recognize that for every feeling, belief or idea, there is a corresponding experience in the body. You may have noticed this yourself, for instance when something upsetting happens to you and you instantly feel your heart start pounding, or a rush of heat to your face. 

Somatic therapy recognizes that often, we are not able to "talk our way out of" our biggest issues through talk therapy. This understanding is slowly becoming much more mainstream, especially as a growing body of research demonstrates that true healing from trauma must include the body as well as the mind.

Many people either completely ignore their body, or feel like it is is "the enemy". Somatic therapy believes that the body is a source of deep wisdom, and will help you to experience this for yourself. The amazing thing is that over time, and with the right support, you can learn to be friends with your body again. Your body can become a safe home and a source of emotional strength and well-being. 

sarah irons counsellor
sarah irons counsellor