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Counselling for the LGBTQ Community

Queer and trans people deserve access to counsellors who understand and accept their identities, relationships, and challenges. 

Whether you are coming out, questioning your sexuality, thinking about transitioning, or battling internal or external homophobia, it is important to feel safe with a counsellor who "gets it." And if you are seeking counselling for reasons not directly related to your sexuality or your gender, it's still important to talk to someone who understands your relationships and your identity! You should not have to educate your counsellor about queer issues, and you should never have to defend your own sexuality or gender expression (though sadly this still happens to many).

I have significant personal and professional experience with the LGBTQ community, in all its diversity. Queer and trans folks make up a sizable portion of my clients. Before settling in Victoria, I worked and trained at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, a dedicated LGBTQ counselling agency in Berkeley, California. I continue to educate myself about the diverse needs of the queer/trans communities - and I also recognize and affirm that there is no single experience or identity that defines these communities. I always want to learn about, and/or help you understand, what your sexual orientation and/or gender identity means to YOU. 

I participate in an interdisciplinary group of care providers serving the trans* community in Victoria. As of January 2017, I am no longer providing stand-alone Hormone Readiness Assessments, though I may be able to offer this service for clients who are in counselling with me. I have made this change to my practice for practical reasons, and not because I believe that counselling should be a pre-requisite for transitioning in all cases. 

My aim is to provide a welcoming and understanding space for you. This allows us get to work on the issues that really matter to you, whether they involve your sexuality, your gender, or something else entirely. 

Some issues that I may be able to help you with include: 

  • Relationships
  • Family Problems
  • Coming Out
  • Gender Exploration and Transition
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Trauma (recent or in your past)

Please contact me to set up a free consultation if you would like to get a sense of me and how I work. 

sarah irons counsellor
sarah irons counsellor