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Posted by Sarah on Aug 20, 2013

Sometimes, the most profound changes seem deceptively simple. 

Posted by Sarah on Apr 22, 2013
Coming Out CakeIf you know more than a few LGBTQ people, chances are good that you've heard at least one coming-out "horror story." These are the sad stories in which a person who is brave enough to tell the truth about themselves is shamed, disowned, kicked out of the house, or worse. Sometimes these people come around later, but sometimes they sadly don't.
Posted by Sarah on Mar 6, 2013

You may have already heard of Brene Brown -- her TED talks on vulnerability and shame went viral on the internet and have been viewed by millions of people. If you haven't seen them, I highly recommend that you watch them, because they are great.

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sarah irons counsellor
sarah irons counsellor